Our Plastering Team are specialists in Lime Plastering, our services include all aspects of Lime Plastering both Internal and External. Our Contracts include Restoration of Period Houses, New Homes and Old Buildings. We work with Architects, Heritage Organizations and private Clients.

Internal Lime Plastering

We carry out all forms of internal traditionals lime plastering including:

- 3 coat lime-haired plaster to masonry
- 3 coat lime-haired plaster to laths
- All finishedaccomodated for - smooth trowelled. rough sponged etc.

Benefits of Lime-Based Plaster and Render


Lime plaster is breathable (vapour permeable), absorbing and evaporating moisture from surrounding masonry. Lime plaster allows moisture to easily pass through it, while cement will trap and prevent moisture from escaping. Using lime plasters on damp walls and environments will allow the structural walls to breathe. A build-up of moisture in a home can lead to failed plaster, damage of structural masonry and cause the growth of dangerous mould and fungus.


Whilst cement-based plasters and renders are strong, they lack greatly in flexibility. Any movement in a building can easily result in cracking. Cracks in external walls will allow the ingress of water and damp. Cement render traps moisture easily and can cause the render or plaster to fail over time. Lime whilst not as hard is more flexible. It allows for movement and thermal expansion, minimising cracking and prolonging the life of the plaster.

Anti Fungal

The alkaline properties of lime are naturally bacteria repellent. Combined with lime plasters breathing properties most homes are free from mould and fungal growth.


Lime based products are much more eco-friendly as the manufacturing process produces less carbon dioxide. Furthermore, during the setting process of lime plaster and render, it re-absorbs carbon dioxide, therefore lowering its carbon footprint even further.


Natural lime reveals the colour and characteristics of the aggregate they are mixed with. They often have an attractive traditional appearance which is pale in colour. By using a breathable paint, lime plaster can have a modern or colourful finish.

External Lime Plastering

We carry out all forms of external traditional plastering including:

- 3 Coat haired render to masonry/stonework
- 2 Coat haired render to masonry/stonework
- Fine reigate external finish plaster for a smooth finish
- All other finishes accomodated for i.e. medium sponged finish, rough sponged rustic finish, smooth trowelled finish