O’Shea Plastering Contractors Ltd are a Gyproc approved applicators, delivering exceptional service to both domestic and large scale commercial works throughout Ireland.

External Insulation

Internal insulation, also referred to as dry-lining, involves fixing insulation to the inner surfaces of your external walls. This usually involves attaching an insulation board to the walls and covering it with a vapour barrier layer and plasterboard. While this is often a more affordable option of insulation, it should be noted that you will lose room space and will have to take out and refit kitchens, cabinets and ap liances.

Saving Energy Through
Thermal Insulation

It is clear that a well insulated building will consume less energy and save on heating costs - after all heating accounts for at least 75% of thE energy use of the average household. External wall insulation offers by far the simplest and mos reliable solution for improved insulation performance. By wrapping the building in an insulating blanket, heat loss is dramatically reduced and the living environment is significantly improved. This proven thermal upgrade solution is tried and trusted for many decades on building projects around the world. 1· is ideal for old and new buildings, individual houses, apartments and non-residential buildings.